Monday, March 7


finally, a progress report

i started this cardigan about two weeks ago. i once made a simple poncho with this yarn and was very unhappy with it. i don't know why i think it would look better as a cardigan.

a few more inches to the body length before i join the arms. it's going relatively quickly being plain stockinette.

i'm making another cardigan at the same time. this one has the exact same nicholas cables as the pull over aran i can't seem to finish.

i'm employing the two circular needles method for the sleeve. i like that it doesn't cause ladders. it's not as quick a knit as the first cardigan but it's very satisfying.

the challenge right now is to come up with a decent cable layout for the body. i'm having a difficult time making the number of stitches work with the cable repeats. i'm also a bit afraid of the flat knitting. the cables just don't look so hot when they're knitted back+forth.

The colors in the yarn look nice in the photo. Sorry it has you frustrated. Perhaps it will make a nice gift though I bet you would get compliments on it for yourself if you were to wear it.

Nice job on the cabling!
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