Tuesday, February 8


pick your pattern!

yup, it's a pick-your-pattern knit along. the only criteria are that it 1, is a cardigan and 2, has a zipper. scared of zippers as much as i am, well, isn't that what knit alongs are for? but there is some great zipper info at ChicKnits as well, (which i will be studying dutifully when i go to put the zipper in the man's ribbed cardigan from "last minute knitted gifts".

want to come along for the ride? just send me an email (see my profile) and i'll add you to the list!

sign me up, sista!
I'm ready to take the zipper challenge!
not sure about the zipper but, i need a challenge. sign me up, girlfriend.
I'm with you!
I'm working on a hooded cardigan for a friend (we bartered -- she makes jewelry) and I've got the front and back done and a 1/3 of one sleeve. I started with a Rowan pattern but the pattern was with a worsted yarn and I'm using yarn that requires #2/#3 needles instead so it's mostly my own pattern. My friend wanted a zip and I'm intimidated so maybe I can learn from you all or I can share what I learn.
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