Monday, February 28


Here's my sweater pattern

Hi all,

I'm glad to have some companions while I try to get my friend's cardi finished. Here's the pattern, note how I added buttons to the sketch as the zipper idea scared me.

I've got the front and back pieces finished and I've been working on the sleeves using helpful instructions about set-in sleeves from as well as some assistance from the demo for Sweater Wizard (which I will buy if I actually complete the sleeves as it's been a super help so far). I haven't touched this project since December though I did pull it out over the weekend.

I'll try to take photos of the pieces I've completed so far and post those soon.

Wednesday, February 23


getting hungry

i have started, and almost finished, the first sleeve. it is about 18 inches at the moment and needs to be 19 inches before i stop to join it to the body. my time to zipper-sewing is getting shorter.

this is the underarm, with the increases

and this is a close-up. i am reminded of corn on the cob the entire time i knit with this yarn.

Wednesday, February 16


i have been a bad hostess

i have made progress on my cardigan and have not posted anything about it. i am so ashamed.

so, here you have the 11 and one-eighth inches that i have completed on my Men's Ribbed Cardigan (or something like that - i need to make a note of the actual name) from Last Minute Knitted Gifts.

the color is a nice butterscotch and the yarn is really soft! as usual, sop has to endure me holding it up every two or three rows and saying "ooh. i'm really making progress, aren't i?"


I guess I will be the first...

I am making Mariah from Knitty.

Tuesday, February 8


pick your pattern!

yup, it's a pick-your-pattern knit along. the only criteria are that it 1, is a cardigan and 2, has a zipper. scared of zippers as much as i am, well, isn't that what knit alongs are for? but there is some great zipper info at ChicKnits as well, (which i will be studying dutifully when i go to put the zipper in the man's ribbed cardigan from "last minute knitted gifts".

want to come along for the ride? just send me an email (see my profile) and i'll add you to the list!

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