Wednesday, March 30


2 3/4 inches knit

I've been good and I've gotten 2 3/4 inches knit so far of that second sleeve. It's easier to make forward progress on the cuff as it is narrower but I will celebrate it for what it is. Progress is progress.

Tuesday, March 29


I started on sleeve two

I still haven't finished with sleeve one but this way I can finish both sleeve caps at the same time -- or at least closer in time to each other so I don't forget how I did it (sometimes written instructions don't even help).

Zipper shopping? I don't deserve such an indulgence.


working the zipper

well, i have made the leap. i started putting the zipper in, by hand. i think if i were to do it by machine, i would have still wanted to baste it in so that the different materials didn't drag differently on a machine and get the zipper off kilter (before you ooh and ahh over my thinking of this, sop thought of it: he is much more skilled with the machine than i).

the zipper is a red, not bright, but not really rust either. i tried a green, a hunter green, and two shades of blue, but the red worked best with the gold yarn: it compliments and contrasts, is that posible?

Thursday, March 24


hunting the mighty zipper

it was a dark and stormy night. two hunters ventured out into the weather to track down the mighty 26" #5 YKK zipper. The bright blue, or red, or maybe a rust, possibly purple zipper were on their list of desired varieties. First stop, Hancock Fabrics:

inside they found - this:

not a zipper, but certainly a grotesque specimen of some kind of beast.

as well as this:

a zipper, but rather a dull blue. The hunt continued. On to Nuttall's Fabric Center!!

alas, no luck here either. in fact, they seem to carry the exact same zippers as Hancock.

and the same zippers as this fine spelling establishment:

yes, it is maddness, truly! no booty last night, it looks like the next hunt goes to the web!

Wednesday, March 23



I've started on a side project, but I know I need to get back on those sleeves. 100 stitches per row filled with uncertainty is what's causing the delay. I think I can, I think I can...

Here's my procrastination at work:

Wednesday, March 9


now you see it

now you don't

ARGH! i had sop try on the cardigan and it was too tight. so, i blocked it, had him try it on again, and it was still too tight in the shoulders. so i ripped.

my advice to you? if you make this cardigan for a man, do the raglan decreases every THIRD row, not every other row as the pattern states (and yes, it is a pattern for a man).

Monday, March 7


finally, a progress report

i started this cardigan about two weeks ago. i once made a simple poncho with this yarn and was very unhappy with it. i don't know why i think it would look better as a cardigan.

a few more inches to the body length before i join the arms. it's going relatively quickly being plain stockinette.

i'm making another cardigan at the same time. this one has the exact same nicholas cables as the pull over aran i can't seem to finish.

i'm employing the two circular needles method for the sleeve. i like that it doesn't cause ladders. it's not as quick a knit as the first cardigan but it's very satisfying.

the challenge right now is to come up with a decent cable layout for the body. i'm having a difficult time making the number of stitches work with the cable repeats. i'm also a bit afraid of the flat knitting. the cables just don't look so hot when they're knitted back+forth.

Thursday, March 3


I'm back at it!

I got in there last night and started working on the sleeves again. I knits a couple of inches at least. I can't wait to take photos and show you all what I've got done so far.


ooohhhh, it's getting there

i joined the second sleeve to the body monday night and now have completed about 4.5 inches past the join.

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