Thursday, March 24


hunting the mighty zipper

it was a dark and stormy night. two hunters ventured out into the weather to track down the mighty 26" #5 YKK zipper. The bright blue, or red, or maybe a rust, possibly purple zipper were on their list of desired varieties. First stop, Hancock Fabrics:

inside they found - this:

not a zipper, but certainly a grotesque specimen of some kind of beast.

as well as this:

a zipper, but rather a dull blue. The hunt continued. On to Nuttall's Fabric Center!!

alas, no luck here either. in fact, they seem to carry the exact same zippers as Hancock.

and the same zippers as this fine spelling establishment:

yes, it is maddness, truly! no booty last night, it looks like the next hunt goes to the web!

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